Jame Louw


Awarded to someone who has dedicated their life to the upliftment of their community or is in some way making a difference in the lives of others.

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve found our 2013 Nation’s Greatest Community Award winner.


James founded Jireh Community Projects in Mitchell's Plain in 1989 and from humble beginnings reached out to this sprawling township of 1.5 million people in about 40 suburbs. With little resources, Jireh has trained thousands in sewing training, computer training and youth development.

Jireh Centre in Portlands Mitchell's Plain is a beehive of activity. Current programmes include Jireh Educare for 300 hundred children, Scarlet – a Young Mothers Programme for women at clinics, Sons of Fathers – a program organising events for men living with purpose, as well as Youth Development for Unemployed Youth and Seniors Upliftment and Compassionate Services.

Jireh currently employs 30 staff and has an impact across Mitchell's Plain.

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