Jame Louw

Vision & Mission


To educate, empower and share knowledge with communities so as to improve the welfare of society as a whole.


As the James Louw Foundation, we strive to share knowledge, ideas and empower communities in the following areas:

Early Childhood Development (ECD)

Youth Programs

Fathers and Sons programs

Senior's Appreciation activities

Education and Development

Public Speaking at Conferences NGO, CSI, Business Networks, Leadership and Governance and Consultancy.



Since 1989, James G. Louw's drive as a Social Entrepreneur was to add value and make a difference in the lives of the Mitchell's Plain community, listening to the voices of those less fortunate and marginalized. Moved by the needs of the community, James Louw applied innovation and creative social impact and creating programs to meet the pressing needs of the community. Through this initiative Jireh Community Projects was established in Mitchell's Plain, James started in his own neighborhood with the view of making a difference. 26 years on Jireh still stands, continuing to render programs that meet the needs of the community and surrounding areas. James' vision and his Awards and Accolades has made him a leader in the field of development. The James Louw Foundation Team shares expertise with communities and it aims to leave a positive legacy with the people of South Africa. We can share success stories of how you can pick yourself up from poverty to be a person of dignity and courage coming from the Township. We say never give up keep hope alive. Life is about the choices we make. The James Louw Foundation strives to educate, empower and share knowledge with communities to be self-sufficient and self sustainable to co-exist in a positive manner in society. The underlying philosophy of the work of the Foundation centres on the empowerment of people from cradle to careers, giving hope and raising the standard in the townships and informal settlements.

The James Louw Foundation gives more than just a Hand out, but a Hand up As a TEAM we believe Together Everyone Achieves More. Through Jireh, as a leader in ECD, the James Louw Foundation will assist in sharing learning, experiences and ways and means to run a successful ECD Centre, so as to promote viable and thriving ECD Centres across the country. With experience in Fathers and Sons and men's programs, the Foundation hosts recreational seminars, business networking groups and engage in Coaching and Mentoring activities. We have professionals who have aspired from our Townships to share their experiences how they sacrificed to achieve and became leaders in their vocation and fields of service. The James Louw Foundation serves Senior Citizens through Seniors Appreciation events for the aged, sharing and caring for them and showing compassion, to an often forgotten grouping of people. The James Louw Foundation Has the Passion for the Poor and the Participation of the People but it needs the Partnership of those who invest in people.